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Change and Transformation Using the ASAP Method with Trainer and Health Coach Jill Quinn

The key to transformation, true lasting change, is built on a strong foundation of understanding what we value most and what we are ready, willing and able to do, to live in alignment with those values.

Quinn Essentials with Health Coach Jill Quinn

I am an optimist and I believe anyone at any stage is capable of making change. Let's face it. Change is scary and it's messy. I coach my clients to focus on small changes that yield big results. Before we get into any goal setting, I encourage an exploratory deep dive into the "why" of any goal. This step is fundamental to the change process. "Why this change?" Why now?" What is at stake if I change?" "What is at stake if I don't?" There are no wrong answers here. Just awareness.

The shift from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset is willingness to be a beginner, willingness to open the door to the unknown with curiosity instead of fear.

It is in my nature to root for my clients but they have to be ready to take action. Being a life coach allows me to incorporate my skills a reiki practitioner, personal trainer, and nutrition coach into the mix for a more holistic approach. Coaching is a synergistic partnership. It only works if there is trust. For me, it is a privilege to hold space and witness my clients on their journey as we explore energy, intention, affirmations, and meditation, along with goal setting and fitness. Most people think they come for weight loss, or back pain and realize it's so much more than what is on the surface. It takes courage to be seen and I am here for it, every step of the way.

The ASAP Method: An Effective Way of Making Change

The kickstart for change is discomfort. People have to have had enough of their current situation, whether it's their health, relationships, work, whatever. They have to reach that threshold, where they are uncomfortable enough to take action. Then and only then, do we approach my A.S.A.P. method. Here's how you can effect change using ASAP:


You can't change what you don't know. Awareness is about how well you know yourself and where you are in the process to actualizing change. As Maya Angelou said, "Do the best you can until you know better. When you know better, do better."


Now that you know what, you need to acquire the skill to do it. Learning is part of living. When we approach our goals with a beginners mind, we give ourselves the freedom to explore, to ask questions and evolve. Growth takes courage and willingness to learn. You can't open new doors with old keys as the saying goes. By developing new skills we adapt to the many aspects of life and create confidence through knowledge turned into action.


Do you have the resources available to make the change? If not, how can you gain access? Money aside, change requires the investment of energy, time, willingness, equipment + tools, support network + community, and at times, professional guidance. Are you ready to level up?


This is probably the most important part. We are what we practice, day in and day out. The better you get, the better you feel, the better you feel the more likely you are to stick to the plan. Repetition builds confidence. Confidence yields consistency and consistency, results. I wish I could wave my magic wand and say some Harry Potter like incantation, but the hard truth is you have to put in the work. Through Awareness, Skills + Access you have the tools to build your discipline.

Final Words of Wisdom

I know it sounds cliche, but trust the process. Show up for yourself everyday. You're worth it. You'll slip. It's ok. Change isn't linear. But as you acquire tools in your toolbox, and perhaps work with a coach to help you along the way, you'll get there step by step, sixty seconds at a time.

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