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The CoachedIt mission is to connect those in need of guidance with the support and resources they need to pave their pathway to success.


We are a one-stop connection hub that facilitates meaningful connections between coaches and "players." From life and business, to fitness and the fine arts, our goal is to get you coached in the areas you need to strengthen and grow as an individual or business.


Coaching is the process of helping others unlock their potential and optimize performance to achieve their goals. Coaches offer guidance and support to help keep you on track, and may also offer targeted tips and advice based on their level of expertise and your goals. The individual is responsible for their outcomes, but coaches are there to support accountability and help you on your pathway to success when the journey ahead isn't so clear.

Coaches that provide business expertise or offer guidance for companies or organizations as a whole may also be called consultants. The key difference between a coach and a consultant is that coaches target the individual, whereas consultants have a broader focus (e.g. the business, not the business owner), and serve in a more advisory capacity.


Coaching is quite different from counseling. Counseling is a form of therapy that is targeted towards improving one's mental or psychological health. Counselors are licensed clinicians and practitioners who work with patients to manage or treat conditions in their area of focus. 


Here's How We Help.

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