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Serious Moonlight Consulting

Business, Career, Entrepreneurs, Executive

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Former Google sales leader & exec who helps coach businesses and individuals to sustainable growth.

Here's a little about me and my coaching journey:

Katie is the founder of Serious Moonlight Consulting. A sales & marketing leader helping startups and retail companies achieve sustainable growth. After leaving big tech (15 years at Google as a Head of Sales), she has been able to help a variety of startups, retailers and individuals untangle and demystify their sales and marketing processes. Katie was a people manager at Google and regional sales leader. She has managed and coached over 100 Googlers. She is currently a coach and advisor at The Forem.

Katie has been featured on @Google Talks, Wonder Women Tech and is on the advisory board for UC Riverside’s Design Thinking course. She is known for her unique blend of creative and analytical thinking. She has interviewed over 400 would-be Googlers and helped launch LVMH’s first ecommerce site.

If you want to discover how to recalibrate your business or yourself for growth she is the expert you need to talk to.

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