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Amarkai Ltd

Business, Entrepreneurs, Life and Personal Development

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I help men and women change their mindset, take action and deal with the fear and overwhelm of being their own boss.

Here's a little about me and my coaching journey:

I am a coach, speaker, consultant and amateur photographer who strongly believes that every person has a unique purpose to fulfil, if they are open to reshaping their perspective of their life by adjusting their mindset.

Valuing honesty, communication and a sense of adventure, I am passionate about inspiring and empowering others to create success in the world, not just in their dreams by overcoming thoughts of fear, self doubt and unworthiness. These usually stem from feeling the need to live by other people's expectations and never really searching for our own purpose and happiness.

Being a deep thinker allows for interesting discussion that challenges the stories believed about ourselves and the world. With a laid back, approachable and witty demeanour, I am told I make people feel safe. No one is right. No one is wrong. We just believe what we believe based on what we've been told, heard and experienced.

I like to challenge this and help people think a new thought. With a new thought, there is a new feeling. With a new feeling, there is a new behaviour. With a new behaviour, there is a new action. That new action can completely change the trajectory of your life. The thoughts we have can be lifechanging, if you want them to be.

By creating a calming environment that encourages trust and vulnerability in my clients, I help them transcend their thoughts into the idea of freedom and possibility, rather than restriction and circumstance.

When not coaching, training or speaking, you can find me cooking, creating or out and about with my camera, creating new perspectives.

One thing I know for certain, when I coach you, your life will change.

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