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Evolving Whole

Accountability, Business, Career, Entrepreneurs, Executive, Life and Personal Development

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I created the Evolving Whole method to guide clients heal burnout and build skills to prevent future burnout. We work towards creating a fulfilled life free from the grind and hustle.

Here's a little about me and my coaching journey:

With more than 13 years of extensive experience as a therapist and coach, I have had the privilege of working with clients on a national and international scale.

I believe in making the Impossible Possible and have done so in many areas of my life. I have created a successful business without the hustle and grind. I still have time to engage in the activities I love like paddle boarding, hiking, reading and most importantly spending time with my child. I am a Single Mom by Choice who went through IVF to beat the odds to become a mom at age 41. Nothing is Impossible.

Like you, I am a high achiever who graduated with a dual Masters from University of Pennsylvania while working full time and rescuing a puppy. Even in the midst of that, I made sure to find space and time to slow down which has led to my success. I want to teach you the same strategies so. you can have a fulfilled life that has everything you dreamed.

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