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InspireU Coaching & Training

Accountability, Business, Career, Entrepreneurs, Executive

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I believe that being a business owner or leader ought to be a source of great joy and personal fulfillment. I also believe that most are stressed and are experiencing anything but that. By bringing them simple tools and concepts, I help leaders overcome their challenges and find the personal fulfilment and joy they are looking for.

Here's a little about me and my coaching journey:

I love to help others perform at their best. There’s an old adage from scouting that I was taught growing up, “leave a place better than you found it”. I believe that principle can be applied to everything we do in life.

My career has been blessed by many great organizations and leaders who have taught me how to succeed in business and in life. I’ve had great success in turning around businesses and organizations. I have used my skills in strategic planning to help organizations see their full potential and make positive steps to deliver breakthrough results. And I have been the trusted advisor and coach to many leaders at various levels in organizations of all sizes.

My professional experience ranges from Fortune 100 corporations to SMB organizations, from government contractors to private equity business ventures. I became a Certified FocalPoint Business Coach because it allows me to do what I do best, help companies and organizations perform at their best by supporting and training their leaders. This has allowed me to fulfill my goal in life, to leave this place better than I found it.

Corporate strategy, coaching & mentoring, business development, business startups, non-profits, corporate training, marketing and sales, web and enterprise architecture, SaaS business models, product & application development, agile methodologies, Audio/Video Solutions, Telehealth, communications, business process modeling, and business intelligence.

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