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Pre-Launch Challenge

Catapult the Coach is

  • fun and easy way to increase visibility for your coaching business by being featured across the CoachedIt's social media 

  • A promo gift from our team: you submit a survey, we'll generate the end product

  • A chance to learn more about other prelaunch coaches

  • Opportunity to win a CoachedIt MVP Membership for a year...that's our highest level of membership! There will be 3 winners.


We mean it when we say we're dedicated to paving your pathway to success and know that getting your name out there can be tough.


That's why we want to give our growing following a chance to learn about all the awesome work that you do. Leading up to our launch on 7/28, we will share coach profiles across our LinkedIn, Facebook, and/or Instagram pages. Not only will it give you increased visibility, it'll also help potential clients understand a bit more about the value of coaching, which is still a fairly mystified field.

End Product!

Fill out the form below and we'll take it from there.

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How it Works

No purchase necessary to participate!

  1. Fill out the form and submit it back to us by 11:59 PM EST Monday 7/20.

  2. We'll create your featured content and send it back to you via email by 12:00 PM on Thursday 7/22. 

  3. Time to post! Upload your CoachedIt-sponsored post with an engaging caption and tag us.

  4. The challenge will run for one week. You'll get points for the total number of likes and comments your post receives.

    • Likes = 1 point

    • Comments = 2 points

  5. Winners will be announced the first week of August.

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